I. F.A.Q on contest

If I am not among the winners, how can I know what was my ranking?

Only the first 30 winners are announced with their rankings. If you participated, you will receive a certificate of appreciation during the month of April. If you are not ranked among the 30 contest winners, you will not receive your ranking.

I did not win; can I know why my paper was not chosen?

All essays are evaluated by various university professors.  Once all scoring is received to the panel, there is a final decision on ranking. All decisions are kept confidential.

Can I receive feedback on why my paper?

Since scoring is kept confidential, we do not provide feedback on your paper.

When is the next competition’s prompt will be released?

Gulen Youth Platform 2015’s prompt will be posted on the website during the month of September 2014.

II. F.A.Q. on event for winners

When and where is the Youth Platform Award Ceremony going to be held?

Youth Platform Award Ceremony will take place in US House, Washington, D.C. on April , 2015.

How many people can accompany me?

Only one parent/guardian of yours is allowed to be in the trip. Your family members, teachers, or school administrators can participate in the award ceremony on April, 2015. Due to limited space and coordinating purposes, only the winning student and one parent/guardian will be allowed to participate in the whole trip.

I am from the U.S. Do I need a passport?

Passport is required only for those who will be traveling from outside the U.S.

Students and parents/guardians from the U.S. are required to bring a photo ID such as driver license.

When will the final itinerary be announced?

We are working for the itinerary at the moment and will announce the details by February, 2015 on the event website.

What happens if I cannot attend the ceremony?

Your place will be given to the next student in ranking.

If both my parents are interested, can they stay in the same hotel with me?

We only sponsor one parent/guardian to accompany the student. If another parent/guardian wants to join, he or she is responsible for all accommodations, airfare and other spending. You will be responsible to contact and register with the hotel directly. Please see your documents about the hotel information.

Is my parent/guardian required to accompany me all the time during the trip?

Yes. Due to other facilities and their regulations, he/she is required to accompany you during the entire trip.

What happens if my parent and I want to arrive to Washington, DC a few days earlier or leave a few days later?

We do not take any responsibility prior and after the given dates and do not provide any accommodations.  You will be responsible to contact and register with the hotel directly. Please see your documents about the hotel information.

We only cover the airfare from your home city to Washington, D.C. within the trip schedule, April  2015. We do not set flight arrangements to any other destinations. If you still want to arrive to the U.S. before the event or to leave after, please send the exact days you and your one parent/guardian will arrive and depart.